New Years Eve Energise & Awaken Yoga Retreat in GOA

New Years Eve Energise & Awaken Yoga Retreat in GOA

05 Jan 16:00 - 11 Jan 11:00 - Pestera
Akasha Wellness Retreat


To inspire, balance & serve the flow of life.

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Get 20% off listed prices until April 29. Prices starting from €835 / person all inclusive.

For those that know us, India is no foreign land, it’s the Mother land. Every year she calls us, and we always answer. Except this time, you’re also invited.

We’re taking a few friends along with us to re-create the Akasha experience in Goa, during January 2019.

Yoga Alchemy to Energise & Awaken part 2

For those that have joined us in part 1, this will be our chance to offer a further glimpse into the deeper dimensions of yoga & philosophy, offering in-depth sessions to discover your vast potential for greater consciousness, empowerment, and connection. Guided by the beautiful energy of the first New Moon of 2018 on Jan 17th and using this to reignite our passion & love for life.

In this retreat the focus is to strengthen the body through energising yoga flows, the mind through clear intentions & the soul through an awakened & revived spirit. A chance to write your own start, to begin again, a new chapter in the book of life.

South Goa, India

Our beautiful location for this retreat is an oasis of tropical tranquility located in South Goa, in a remote fishing village situated in the lush, verdant foothills of the Western Ghats and minutes away from Goa’s most scenic and pristine beaches, Galgibag, Talpona & Patnem all within easy reach. This is a home away from home, Goa style.

Triple Rooms to be shared between 3 guests each with single bed. You’ll find comfortable beds, marble floors, air conditioning & a beautiful view. From €835.20 for 6 nights all inclusive

Twin Rooms to be shared between 2 guests each with single bed. A generous and beautifully decorated bedroom to sleep like a princess or prince even. All rooms have air conditioning and an en-suite bathrooms and some have their own private balconies. From €998.49 for 6 nights all inclusive

Double Rooms for 1 person or for 2. Make it a private room for yourself or a room for 2, you and a loved one. These bedrooms have king size beds, wonderful antique furniture, marble floors and en suite bathrooms. Wake up with the sound of tropical birds and sunshine as these rooms are wonderfully light and some even have private balconies. From €1550.40 for 1 person / €1905.60 for 2 people for 6 nights all inclusive.

To Book we only need a 25% deposit and remaining balance in Nov 2018.

Karma Yoga

5% from all our Goa retreats go to local charities in Goa working with disadvantaged women and children.

Limited places, small group of people ( 10 – 14 guests max) and 3 facilitators to support & guide your progress during the retreat

Daily Yoga Flows & Meditation classes featuring Ashtanga and Yin postures blended in creative thematic flows & suitable for beginners & advanced. Some Yoga sessions will be in the shala, some by the pool & some on the beach at sunset.

Boutique luxury accommodation in a private home, not a hotel, not a retreat centre, an intimate home, just like Akasha. Our Goa home has air conditioning throughout, a gorgeous pool, lovely shaded terraces, lush gardens & spaces to relax outdoors surrounded by coconut trees & frangipani flowers.

Healthy Vegetarian meals with the Akasha touch, inclusive of daily superfood smoothies, fresh exotic fruit, delicious salads & a variety of Indian delicacies as well as BBQs with fresh fish & seafood for non vegetarians from the local fishing village. The food will be fresh & varied, home cooked with love & soul. All filtered water, detox & Ayurvedic teas, coffees, fresh juices and a glass of vino together at night will all be there.

A 60 min massage as a gift from us, more can be booked and paid for on site. In house relaxing massages, energy work & sound healing sessions offered by Wendy Cohen.

Ayurveda consultations & Ayurveda Workshop with a Guest speaker from India sharing his knowledge of vedic science, health, art and culture with specific focus on Ayurveda & health.

Morning Trips to local Hindu temples, Sunset Yoga on the beach, Picnic Dinner on Galgibag (Turtle) beach, lovely evenings by the ocean.

Dolphin spotting trip on Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaks

Mandala Making & Sacred Geometry Workshops, Om healing sessions

Agnihotra Havan – Sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony

Transportation to and from the airport ( Goa Dabolim Airport)

& above all lots and lots of fun, new friendships waiting to be formed & sunshine!





Day 1 Arrival Day

15.00PM – 17.00PM Arrival, Retreat Introduction & House Tour
18.00PM – 19.30PM Evening Yoga & Meditation Practice
19.30PM Candlelit Dinner
20.30PM – 21.30PM Opening Circle & Intention Setting
Day 2,3,4,5,6 Full Retreat Days

This is the format for the full retreat days, see below for activities, trips & workshops.

6.00AM Optional Sunrise Agnihotra Havan
7.00AM – Wake Up Gong
7.30AM – 9.00AM Morning Yoga Practice & Meditation Class
9.00AM – Breakfast
10.00AM – 13.00PM Relaxation time, Pool side or Optional Beach trip & Massages
14.00PM – 15.00PM Lunch
15.00PM – 18.00PM Relaxation time, Pool side or Optional Beach trip & Massages
18.00PM – 19.30PM Evening Slow Flow Yoga & Meditation Practice
19.30PM Dinner
20.30PM Evening Group activity
Sunset Yoga & Dinner on the beach

On two evenings we will be practicing Yoga & meditation on the beach at sunset. Our location is the less frequented Galgibaga beach in South Goa. Perhaps one of few hidden treasures that Goa has left. The beach is known as one of the three places in Goa that form the nesting grounds of the Olive Ridley turtles, a protected species. The northern portion of this beach is protected as the turtles nesting grounds and gives the beach its nickname, Turtle beach. The pristine stretch of golden brown sand is lined with coconut palms and other beautiful trees; and above all it is a peaceful and quiet area.

One morning we will wake up bright and early and head to Palolem beach. Here we will each have a board to play and head out to sea ( for those that don’t fancy this kayaking is also available). Early in the morning the sea is calm there are no fishing boats and very often we spot dolphins swimming freely in the bay. A beautiful experience that also works the core muscles and balance.

Local Hindu Temples

On one morning per week we will visit one of the temples below. A beautiful & short trip by rickshaw to attend the morning sunrise rituals are at the temples.

The Mallikarjun Temple – The Shri Mallikarjuna temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to be constructed during the middle of the 16th century, as per the writing on a plaque near the temple dome, and it was later refurbished in the year 1778.

The Shri Chandranath Temple or Chandreshwar Temple is a renowned Hindu religious place in south Goa. Devoted to Lord Shiva (also called Bhuthnath or Chandreshwar), the temple has an ancient chariot, renowned for its exquisite woodcarvings. The temple has the famous Shiva Linga, which was supposed to ooze water with the touch of moonlight. Some sources say that the temple has been designed in such a way, that moonlight falls directly on the Shiva Linga on full moon nights.
Workshops and talks during the retreat

Om Healing Session

Om is the primordial sound creating and pervading the whole universe. The sound Om belongs to all humanity, to all nations and to all religions. Om Healing, through chanting, can balance us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you go through this simple but powerful process, emotions are released and inner peace and love arises. It leads to a more joyful life and supports our health and our meditation practice.

Mandala & Sacred Geometry Session

The word Mandala meaning “circle” in sanskrit and represents wholeness; a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities. Mandalas are used for meditation and healing purposes, allowing the individual working with them to dive into the depths of self discovery. The process of creating this sacred geometry allows access to the deeper levels of the unconscious mind and promotes release, harmony and unity with the cosmos.

Ayurveda Workshop

We have a special guest from India who will be giving a practical introduction to the Ancient Indian Health Science of Ayurveda. Our guest will be sharing his knowledge of vedic science, health, art and culture with specific focus on Ayurveda & health. Private consultations will also be available on request.

Chakra Balancing talk with Wendy

An insight into the meaning, locations and significance of the seven main Chakras and demonstration on how to check for imbalances, using a pendulum. We will also give advice on ways to balance each chakra using methods including yoga asanas, nutrition, colours, chanting, massage and other holistic therapies. Each person will be given this information to take away and incorporate into their own wellness and self care practice.
Day 7 Departure Day

6.00AM Optional Sunrise Agnihotra Havan
7.00AM – Wake Up Gong
7.30AM – 9.30AM Morning Dynamic Yoga Flow with Meditation
9.00AM – 10.00AM Breakfast
10.00AM – 11.00AM Closing Circle

12.00PM Departure

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