Anterior and posterior morphology

Anterior and posterior morphology

02 Jun 08:30 - 07 Jun 19:00 - Constanta
Super-Dent 92

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• Course objectives:

The thorough knowledge the basic and “hidden” shape features of the upper and lower anterior’s.

• Course review:

We examine and analyze in detail the front teeth morphology and characteristics of the different types of teeth.
During the practical part of the course first we will fix on an oval type model the errors of the upper anterior 1, 2, 3-teeth, which are then converted into triangular or rectangular type of anterior’s. For all this we will use carving and waxing technique. We discuss the key features of the lower front teeth and we will sampled on a prepared gypsum model the lower teeth as 1, 2, 3.We will talk about the characteristics of a harmonious smile and smile design. The course has two more drawings practice, which should help to improve the conscious analysis and accurate observation.

Posterior course – short summary

• Learning objectives

Morphology, anatomy of the molars Occlusion - occlusal surface Function and gnathology

• Course outline

During the course we will not only monitoring how the molars look like but why what they are. We will understand the 2 and 3 point's occlusion, we will get to know the occlusal compass and its importance. Helping with these knowledge’s we will get a complex picture of the context between shape and function. In the practical part of the course we will shaping the upper and lower molars (4; 5; 6) from wax on the articulated models. The benefit of this 3 days will be not only nicer molars but better function. We will be able to grind the occlusal surface of the restorations faster and more effective in accordance with the criteria of function and gnathology. Acquisition of this knowledge can help by the processes of the removable and the orthodontics.

• Biography - János Makó

Janos Mako graduated in 1994 in Budapest, Hungary as dental technician with excellent certificate.
In 1994-95 was teaching in the school focusing on prosthetic basic skills, patterning and tooth anatomy and morphology.
In 1995-99 he worked as an employee in ceramist position. Since 1999 became self-employee.
In 2003 as master technician already he founded his own company Individual Dental. In the same time he started to take anterior and posterior three-day courses with the topic of anatomy, morphology and function.
In 2004 he became Opinion Leader for GC Company. From 2004 he organize and jury member of competitions on different fields of dental technique for students, (Individual Modelling Competition, Prosthetic Individual Competition, Competition of the Winners, Földvári Ceramic Competition, Pécs Modelling Competition).
Since 2005 lectures continuously on dental events and congresses.
In 2013 opened his own ceramic school where 11 people for 10 months, 3 days a week learns specially the ceramic layering.

“I believe that the learning and teaching of the utmost importance in our lives - just like for the student and the teacher.”

/ Course Fee:

- Full lecture, live demonstration and hands-on training - 1950 euro (all taxes included) // Intake limited to 20 trainees

The intakes are limited based on first come first serve basis.

// To book your seat, follow the link below and fill out the application form:

For further information and booking, please contact us on +40723.172.416 (dr. Doneta Acatrinei - Project Director), +40722.523.290 (dr. Ruxandra Vinteanu - Event Planner) and +40765.393.175 (Claudia Marinescu - Event Planner) during office hours, or e-mail us at

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